Door Handles

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Door handles is small object which is often used to open door. It is attached to a door and purpose of it is for opening and closing it. The door handles usually refers to any permanent or switch-operated device. It is a round operated mechanism. Home entry doors handles are generally more difficult as compared to bedroom door handles for the safety.When you are buying a door handle you should know the different types of door handles and make sure you are buying the right one.

Types of Door Handles:

• The most regular and basic type of door handle is Lever Latch door handle which is found in residential houses and buildings. Best door hardware dealer in Mumbaicertainly could fulfil your variety of needs.
• The Lever lock is another type of door handle which operates equally to Lever latch door handle. It consists of a lever and below a key whole cut, which allows a key to insert into a door to control a lock. Experts could offer you with best door accessories.
• The Lever Bathroom is used for bathroom doors so that they can be locked easily from inside. It can also be opened from outside if there is an emergency. This lock has mortise sash which is attached to a spindle which pass between the doors.Best door hardware is generally made of durable quality of material.


Door handlesare helpful when you want to open the door and your hands are full. You can easily unlatch or latch the door. You just have to apply a pressure and the door open easily. Here are some more advantages of door handles:

Easy Door Admission:

Using Door accessories seller in Mumbaimakes it easy for you to open door when you come from somewhere and your hands are not free. When you have a Door Handle you need a little pressure to open or unlatch the door. Just push the handle and open it with your shoulder to get the entrance. This also saves the time and efforts to open the door and there is no need of any assistance to open the door with the full hands. This is a best option for old people as they can easily open the door using less movement to get the door open.

Preventing Door Knob Stains or dirt:

You can put door handles in your garden house to help in forming the door easier to open without using your hands, which might me covered with stain or dirt. This will help you when you are moving gardening supplies. This can also be useful to bathroom doors to avoid germs and viral things which come from door handles when touched by unwashed hands.Best front door locks are easy to operate.

Uses for Workshops or Garages:

Best mortise handlescan be used by Workshops and mechanic garages for their shops and offices. This will help them to avoid oil or grease on the knobs which is passed from one area to another. The handle will look clean and it is going to be good impression on customers or visitors. Even the factories can put the door handles for their working areas as they also get involved in chemicals, which is not good for the workers.

Convenient for the Handicapped:

The door handles can be installed in your house for the people who very old or are in a wheelchair, other disabilities because they won't be able to put a hand strength for opening a door. This will help them to do the things independently and re-establish their self dependence.Door hardware supplier in Mumbai

The perfect best door hardware seller in Mumbai:

Our professionals at elegant can get accustomed to your variety of needs. Niche year of experience will even help you to buy best cabinet handles.


• Best digital door lockswill help you to save your time to open the door.
• Door handles comes in design and style element which goes far away from use as tools to open, close or to secure doors.
• It is a most important feature of any home which gives style to a home.
• The door handle is an extension of the house personality and selecting a right one can give a home a new look.